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3 Types of Website Development in Rajkot?

Most of people does not aware that there are different types of website development. Generally all people consider web development as just one type of website development. But this is not an true. In reality there are different types of Web Development. BeyondMart is a leading Web development company who also provides all these 3 types of Web Development. Lets discuss each in details.

There are 3 types of Web Development

  1. Front-end Web Development
  2. Back-end Web Development
  3. Full-stack Web Development

Front-End Website Development

Client side website development process is called an front-end website development. This is related to design level and so it includes to use front-end technologies like html, css and javascript. So this is a part of designer where web designer responsibility is to create attractive layout so that customer can easily understand contents and can easily search and navigate too.

Back-End Website Development

This is related to server side technologies. I means when some one visit website and if there is any process which is done in server side then it is done by back-end developers. This is not related to any design level. But it is related something dynamic content which is display in the design section developed by front-end web developer. So here back-end technologies includes languages like PHP, JAVA, C++, Python, Reactnative, Angular etc.

Full-Stack Web Development

There are also some developer who has knowledge of web design and coding. In short those developer who are able to do work of both Front-end and Back-end development are called as Full-Stack Web developer. Such type of developer have knowledge of html, css, javascript, Java, C++, PHP, Reactnative, Anguloar, Python etc. Now most of client wants to hire Full-stack web developer so that task can be done fast.

So in a short we can say that as per technologies used by the web developer we can divide into Fron-end, Back-end and Full-stack web developer. BeyondMart is a leading Website development company in rajkot and provides all these type of web site development where all developer are working with 6+ years experience.