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About Web design basics

In this article we will understand basics of web design so that i can be clear and understand by those who does not know about web design. We are working from rajkot as web design company and many of our clients does not aware exact meaning of web design and its backend process. I will try to explain some of basic topics which will help to understand web design so while design your website you can aware about it.

What is Web Design?

In simple word, web design is the design of your business website. Web design includes to include your product information, product or service images, contact information , company profile etc in a well designed format so that some one like to view your website. This is different that software development, but we will discuss it in our another article.

Role of Web Designer.

Well after review short info of web design, you may easily understand that this is regarding something design related task. So for that we need web designer. We have highly qualified web designer who design website. If you will create your website with professional web designer then you will get attractive website. Our rajkot web designer ensure each and every design element while design website for you.

Types of Web Design.

Basically there are Two types of web design in which you can device web design.

a) Static Web Design : Here designer create design for static website where you will not able to update content of web page yourself. You need to ask to web designer to update anything if you want.

b) Dynamic Web Design : Here web design is converted by programmer in such a way that you can update content your self through admin panel. However you will able to update design content for which programming has been done. Generally like e-commerce, CMS, Event Management, School Management, etc includes dynamic design. Web designer need to discuss with Web developer regarding which info will be dynamic so in that why web designer can do best web design.

We have a best web design team who are able to create static or dynamic web design from rajkot for any kind of business categories.

We can also divide sub categories of web design like single page design, Fixed Web Design, Responsive Web design etc, but here we will not discuss about it.

Stages of Web Design.

There following stages of any website design which are generally used.

a) Created architect or layout of page

b) Create content as per SEO with navigation

c) Setup proper graphics, Media file, Images etc where it is create.

d) At last, launching web site with attract web design

Our rajkot expert web design always take care of all aspect regarding web design so that you can get 100% satisfaction.