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Basic list of new web design trends

As a web designer each professional need to understand what is current running web design trends. Before approx 10 years ago there was different trend of web design. but after change of technology each website development and web designer company or professional need to follow new web standard and design ideas.

Following are basic list of new web design trends:

  • Minimalism + White Space. Minimalism is one of those classic design trends that just keeps going.
  • “Dark Mode” Design.
  • Breaking Typography Rules.
  • Artistic Illustrations.
  • Mixing Illustration and Realism.
  • Liquid Animation
  • 3D Everything
  • Audio User Experiences.

Minimalism is one of those classic design trends that just keeps going. (You might call it the Energizer Bunny design development.) The best thing about this design development is that although it remains strong, it continues to evolve. Minimalism in 2020 is characterized by large white spaces. And not always in the place you would expect.

With so many users opting for “dark mode” in applications and things like email, it’s no wonder that many websites also create designs with a dark aesthetic.

The key to getting this design trend to work is that even when rules such as odd spacing, size, or even line spacing or breaks are violated, the user still needs to understand what you want to say. Most often, typography in this style is more of an artistic element, rather than an informational one.

Artistic Illustrations – especially things with line-up design and content ideas – is continuing to grow in popularity. These website design efforts seem to have gained dividends.

Adding depth creates a larger sense of reality for a design. Three-dimensional imagery is an extension of that concept. This is a trend that we started to see a lot of towards the end of the decade and expect to see many more by 2020.

The best 3D design gives users something a little unexpected, such as a masked face on the Metaconf Meetup site or a side scroll for small shoes on the talk site.