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Be aware while create WordPress website

WordPress is most of the easy and widely used platform of php where you can create website for business or for any other purpose. Even now you are able to create wordpress website for ecommerce site too. Your website can be live in a short time with wordpress theme. If you want to customize your own theme then you can develop it through wordpress professional. We have rajkot based wordpress expert team who develop website into wordpress theme. But do you know that there are some reason due to which you need to take care of your wordpress site.

Be aware while use WordPress website development

Lets discuss each point so you may get more idea about wordpress maintenance website otherwise you may be in a trouble.

1) Update your wordpress site for better performance

WordPress developer need to update wordpress at some interval for better performance. Because wordpress team always send update which we need to update in our installed WordPress them so that new update can be overwrite, and can get better result and performance

2) Website Security in WordPress

WordPress is easy to use but this is also becomes a result of widely attack by hacker. Actually this reason is due to use unknown plugin and code. So we should update wordpress security at some interval. You can install well known 3rd party plugin for better security.

3) Update plugin

As said before you will able to get many paid and free plugin for your wordpress site. You need to update those plugin when it is available so that bug of plugin can be removed through update.

4) Monitor Website Uptime

There are many 3rd party website is available to check website uptime. You should use this for your wordpress site, so that if due to any reason your wordpress site is not running then you will get alert and then you will able to take proper action.

5) Check Website Bandwidth

We know that now we got almost unlimited type bandwidth and so we dont need to worry about it. But i am not talking about it. I was talking to check website bandwidth to confirm that from which IP and location you get more traffic. Because sometimes hacker may trying to hack website or your website are under brute force attack too. In this case bandwidth of your website will be used more. So if we will check bandwidth resource then we can get idea that our website is under attack or not.

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