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Best text font style and color that you need to use for Website Design

Do you have your own website ? If yes, then are you satisfied with website design and font ?  I know you may be confused about why I am talking about fonts. Right ? Remember that website design is a combination of text, font style, image and many other elements.  At present we are talking about font style and its color. There is no meaning to creating a website using any font style , size or color.  This type of website design will not impress your customers and you will lose them too.  If you are really trying to promote and increase your sales then you also need to consider this one item while creating your website design. Lets understand why it is also more important to consider font style and color in your website design process.

Importance Of Font Style, Size and Color In Website Design

Visual Effect:

One reason to choose proper font style and color is visual effect.  First impression is last impression and so as per this rule, you need to choose a better font style, size and color that visually looks better when someone opens your website in the browser or mobile.  Better web designers can understand it better that which font style should be proper as per current website design layout. We have qualified website designers and can understand it better. You need to discuss with your web designer which font style will be best for their business website.  Best visual effect will help to read better without any eye tress. There is not any rule regarding font size but it should be enough and look better to create a better user view experience.

Increase Brand Awareness:

If you are really concerned with branding and marketing then always adhere to the font which you use in your branding. If possible then use the same fonts in the website too so that whenever someone looks at your website then immediately it affects the viewer. During website design you should try to use those fonts that will affect marketing. Web designer team needs to follow branding font style and pattern. If possible then also choose the same font color too.

Get benefit in SEO:

Font style does not increase your rank directly, because font style and color is not deciding your page importance, but it will help indirectly to get better results in search engines. You might be surprised! Right ?  Actually if you use proper font style , size and color in page heading , subheading etc then it will be easy to read by website visitors. In this case there will be more chances that customers will visit your website frequently. More traffic means you will get a better index and position in search engines. This is the reason Google always gives more importance to page content and page content can be easily read and understood if you will use proper font style and color during website design. A well experienced web design can do this easily. Our rajkot based web design team have at least 6+ years experience in website design and so you dont need to worry regarding this. We always focus on SEO during website design and use better font style and color that will be fit as per website content and images layout.

Better Visible in Mobile Browser:

Now most of the customers are using mobile and small screen devices to view websites. So you can not ignore responsive layout.  If you use a large font and does not fit properly in a small browser or mobile then it will be not user friendly to read it. So always consider to use different font styles and sizes that can be visible properly in mobile browsers too. Font size should be small for mobile and tablet browsers when we open a website.  Font size should be kept different for large screens and small devices. 

Text on Image should be better visible:

If you are using a slider or static image then sometimes we need to show some text with a background image. Text color should be chosen in such a way that both text and background image can be visible and we can read text properly. You can use the reverse color of the font compared to the background image color theme. During the website design process, web designers need to take care about this. 

Final Conclusion:

So in our conclusion we can say that Font style , size and colors affect website view and user experience to visit a page.  Indirectly it also affects our seo ranking. So in website design we need to select proper font style, size and color that can match with your business brand and website images. Our rajkot web designer team can handle this easily and we ensure that you will be satisfied with our website design. Let us know if you have any queries regarding web design and font selection.