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Dont use flash player

There was a time before approx. more than 10 years ago when website was made in flash player and also there were more attractive templates available with flash player too. But now you just forget it, because flash player is out of date and also Adobe does not support it now. So if you have made any website with flash player then just migrate it to html5. Ya, now html5, css3 etc provides many features where now flash player does not required.

Recently in new update of Windows10, they have disabled flash player too. You will get excellent effect in your website using html5, css3 etc and so go for it. And yes, flash player does not support responsive and so no meaning to develop website on flash player in anyway. It was also costly to develop website in flashplayer. But its become easy and cheap to develop website in html5, css3.

We have migrated and developed our customer website from flash player to responsive website. We use bootstrap frame work to develop our customer site, which support mobile friendly view to.

So what are you waiting for ? Contact us to develop your website.