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Pre step to develop and publish website

Everyone business owner to build and design their website design. But most of people does not aware regarding how to develop your website and what are pre steps. Lets we discuss each in detail.

Register Domain Name:

First of all you need to register your domain name. Register domain name which is related to your business name. Try to keep short name if possible so it does not create any typo error and easy to remember by any one. We also provide domain registration services. Please contact us if you dont have register or need any help regarding domain registration. We provide all types of domain extension like .com, .in,, .uk, .net , .info any much more which are famous to register by all businesses.

Get Better Website Hosting Company:

Next step is to find best web hosting company where later on you need to upload your website. Remember that you need to select best hosting company that provide better uptime and security. We have own dedicated and vps server as per your needs. We also provides dedicated server too in linux. Kindly contact us to host your website with us. Our server are located in USA and Netherlands. We also have cloud hosting server too.

Setup Companies Email ids:

Third step is setup email id that you want to use with your domain name. For example my domain name is and i have registered You can setup your email either in your hosting server or can use 3rd party email services like google G-suit, Zoho etc. We also provide G-suit service to setup your business email ids

Create Beautiful Website Design:

Fourth step is to create website design as per you company needs. To attract more people and customer, your website design must be attractive and unique. If you will hire best web designing company like us then you will get your business website as you want. Our rajkot expert web designer have more than 13+ years experience and so you will get eye catching web design solutions. We care all latest technology of web design including your logo color theme.

Update Website Content:

Once web design process is completed, then next step is to add actual text and image content in the website. Web design is converted into html in this stage after which web developer add business’s content, products, images etc which are provided by the business owner. Website can be static or dynamic. Dynamic website can be create like wordpress, custom website development (CMS), Magento and shopify. We have highly qualified web developers and we assure that you will satisfy with our website coder work.

Publish Website:

Final step is publish website for all. To publish app, we need to add actual hosting server’s name server in your domain control. After change name server, it may take some hours to get effect globally.

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