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Website Design vs Website Development

Well, most people think that both are same. Actually both are different. I will try to explain in easy way.

Website Design and Designer

Website design refers some visual layout. In other way we can say that it is related something colors, images, position of images, UI/UX etc. Web Design is an actual visual thing which customer see in browser. For website design , we need website designer who has knowledge of graphic tool like photoshop, corel draw, Adobe after effect etc.

Using such tools website designer design website layout. However just remind that this layout can not run or execute directly in any browser.

Now, lets understand what is website development.

Website Development and Developer

Well now you already aware of website design and website designer. Once website designer design layout of website , then next task is of website developer. Website developer’s task is known as website development, who mainly convert website design into actual file which can execute in browser. For this, website developer need knowledge of html code, css, etc. Website developer use many tools to create website like Adobe Dreamweaver, and many other tools. Website developer have also knowledge of responsive website.

We have expert team of website designer and website developer who create website design and web development as per customer requirements.