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Which is better from  Responsive Web Design (RWD) and Adaptive Web Design (AWD)?

Website is one tool to increase sales and profit of any business. So all business owners create business website design as per their requirements. Now in this era customers are not limited to using only computers or laptops. but now your website is visible in different devices and browsers from mobile and tablet too. So a website should be developed in such a way that it can be visible in all types of browser. At present, the website can be designed using either responsive technique or adaptive method.  There are different advantages to creating websites in responsive or adaptive technology.

What is Responsive Web Design & Development?

Responsive web design (RWD) is a web development process to create one website design which can be visible and automatically adjust layout as per different screen size and orientation of the device being used to view the website. Here web designers need to think and use responsive css in such a way that the website can be visible  in all browsers. Web designers may need to hide or show elements as per screen size so that the website can look better. There are many frameworks available to create responsive web design. One of the famous CSS frameworks is bootstrap.

What is Adaptive Web Design & Development?

Well, there is some slight difference in adaptive web design (AWD) compared to responsive web design. In Adaptive web development,  web developers create different websites as per different screen size of device. Lets say for mobile there may be different websites while for computer browsers there will be different sites.  This method was widely used before the responsive web design method.  Perhaps you may have seen that when you open a website in mobile there may be different urls for the website. Because it was an adaptive website. Main purpose of adaptive web design is to use maximum features of the device for which the website is created. However, now responsive web design is widely used.

When should you use Responsive Web Design?

  • Need to increase website speed and performance
  • Want easy maintenance
  • Want a simple design
  • There is a limited budget and development time

When should you use Adaptive Web Design?

  • There is no limit of budget and time
  • Want to use full device features for which website design need to develop
  • You have different target that use different devices and browsers
  • Need to show completely different layout as per different device and browser

We have highly experienced responsive and adaptive web design in Rajkot.  Our website development process of responsive and adaptive are unique and we follow the standard of it.  Rajkot Web designer team understand your business goal and requirement and as per it we create scratch of different layout and discuss with you. You will be 100% satisfied with our responsive website layout.

Lets talk with us and design your website.