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Why startup company should need marketing in early stage

For every company, marketing is the key factor. Marketing is costly in one way. But there are so many other option too, using which any startup company can get more benefit in less cost. Today digital marketing is one of most important for marketing in a short term. Ya, its true. Digital or media marketing can rapidly grow of future consumer easily. You can use social media like instagram, facebook etc to get awareness of your brand fast.

As i said, there are so many option of marketing for startup company. Lets discuss some of them.

Startup company marketing

Word Of Mouth:

Its easy to mention your product to your friend and groups. You can refer your brand name in your known circle, which can spread it with another friend circle. Like this we can easily share our brand easily.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is not a new subject, but still no one use it properly. Email marketing is also a cheap solutions of marketing. You need to create attractive email template and need to share to your friend circle, and many others. You can use bulk email marketing so get best results of marketing.

Social Media:

This is new concept of social media marketing. We should use yahoo, instagram, facebook and Pinterest for marketing. Startup company should create business profile and do marketing from it. Social media marketing is one of rapidly marketing platform without any more cost. You share you products and branding info to your social media followers. Even you can also use Youtube. Just create one short films and publish in youtube. Thats it.

Advertisement in google / Yahoo :

We already aware of top search engine like google, yahoo, bing etc. You can set your budget of advertisement in such 3rd party. Mostly customer search products in search engine and so you can get this benefit using advertisement in google and other search engines.