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Work from home

Well, now we listen this words everywhere that lets do work from home. We know this is due to covid-19 (Corona virus), due to which there is lockdown in major cities and countries. But do you know that we need to consider and think some points before start any work from home ?

There are some advantages and disadvantages regarding work from home. Now lets understand it.


  • We can setup our working environment at home as we want.
  • We can schedule our working hours as per our availability
  • No office distractions
  • Save money on petrol and other transportation charges
  • We don’t need to worry about traffic and air pollution
  • We can give more time to our family and loved ones.


  • It becomes very difficult to follow any specific routing in your works
  • May reduce output of work’s results
  • Effect to body stamina
  • If your home’s Internet network is slow then it may creates problem in your work
  • Problem to solve problem instant through our working partner compare to those when they are working with you in office
  • Sometimes this can not work when need to show demo to client for any projects

In conclusion, in some situation it is better working from home, but in some of cases it is not better as said above. However now there are so many tools and software are available which helps to work from home any such condition. At present we have expert team who works from home in such situation. However still we get better results in working from home also. We have professional having 7+ years experience website design, development, magento integration and SEO. We all works in a team in such bad situation of corona too. Our developer are working from Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Surat, Morbi and Gandhinagar, but all are connect just like working from office. We work for our all clients of USA, CANADA, FRANCE, AFRICA and INDIA.

If you have any query regarding website development then contact us without any worry.

Take care of you and your family.