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Can AI destroy job of web developers and programmers ?

As we know that recently there is new trends about fear of AI where many people thinks that AI will disturb jobs of web developer, designer , programmer and software developer. In one way, it may look correct because some type of task is now on hand of AI. But on other hand, job is not going due to AI. Yes, i am saying correct. Just remind that AI is created by human and so super power will be always human, because AI is controlled and developed by developer like us. AI is just an tool that can help to resolve some issue in a quick way with multiple options. But we can not think that it can do completely 100% work of human. If we assume that there is a change of 0.01 % where AI can not do perfection, then no one can remove job of the developers. AI thinks as per given input, but when there will be someothing new then AI can not fix it properly.

I consider AI as an tool for the developer and designer. Do you know that AI is not new ? We are already using AI in different format. For example doctors use AI tool while doing operation, but did you hear that in the hospital there is no need of doctor due to AI ? 🙂 Lets we understand deeply about AI that why AI will become a tool for the designer and programmer.

AI with Design:

You know that designer main task is to create some unique design for the website or branding. Before AI, designer need to spend some more time to get some idea and create basic scratch of layout. Now after AI, designer can easily get the basic layout and design as per given instruction to the AI. But remember that we will not accept the design created by AI, because it will be not 100% correct and there is a chance of duplicate design provided to other user who requested the same requirement. But here designer can get idea easily and then designer can implement own thought on that basic design. In this way designer can save lots of time and provide better design option to the designer.

Designer use many design tools, where now many software industries of design too, integrating AI as an Help tool that will definitely help to the desinger for faster designer work. It is not possible to replace designer with any AI tool. Now AI designer tool can help to create basic design idea in a fraction of seconds. That is the power of AI.

AI with programming:

If AI can help to the designer, then we can also think AI with programming tools too. Most of times of programmer or developers is spent to review or fix some bugs. Here AI can fix it easily or can provide better solution where developer can fix any problem easily. I am also the programmer and i also use AI tool like ChatGPT to fix some issue in the given code. but trust me, there were some situation where AI tool, provide wrong solutions, but still that solutions was really helpful to know where is issue. If you are new in the development then never 100% trust on the solutions provided by AI, because AI may create wrong script too. So if you have good knowledge of programming and will try to get help like CHATGPT AI tool, then definitely it will help you in many case. Here AI is just a help too that will increase your productivity which is the main goal of any business too. Now many programming editor introduced AI tool help to create some basic script and show error in the written statement. Sometimes AI tool can also help to provide better script to modify existing script. In short, AI will fix any types of coding issue. There is a future of AI for the developers.

So designer and programmer does not need to worry due to AI. AI will become the next level tools that will increase productivity of the designer and developer. We are working to develop mobile app and website. Our rajkot based web developers also utilize AI tool to fullfill business needs regarding design, programming and website development. Our Web programmer are expert about how to use AI tools to increase productivity and provide perfect task within provided timeline.