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How to boost B2B eCommerce business sales

If you are running B2B portal or business sites, then you may thinking that how you can boost your B2B sales. Am i right ? Anyway, i will try to guides you through which you can increase your sales in B2B eCommerce site.

Try to add more customer reviews

Customer review is undoubtedly one of the most important factors influencing decisions on any eCommerce website. This is especially true in B2B eCommerce, because businesses feel confident when they can see that they are the same companies and that they have used your service or product. We are already regarding this because we have already developed many projects and website for B2B as per clients requirement.

Reviews are a strong indicator of your business offering products that other companies use successfully. Not all reviews you include should be positive – honesty reflects well on your business. Never foolish customer by wrong reviews.

Use social media in your website

Advertising is often portrayed as a B2B marketing tool, especially in terms of eCommerce marketing. Social media is a valuable resource for B2C businesses, but if used in a way it can be useful for any B2B eCommerce site. The platform you use is important. B2B marketing services rarely work on sites like Instagram and Pinterest, but LinkedIn has found it to be highly successful for companies and professionals.

Sales offer with discount

B2B ecommerce works just like B2C ecommerce in the sense that your customers are always looking for a good deal and a competitive price. You may not be able to offer coupons or discounts like consumer brands do, but you can still find ways to provide incentives for customers to buy. You can do this for new and existing customers.

Dont foolish by add surprising shipping costs at checkout

Never show any surprising shipping costs at last step of checkout, because customer will dislike it and will not place any order. Always consist and show all related shipping cost and other before actual checkout page. This may also effect on your business brand and valuation.

Follow customer feedback

This is very vital and important factor that you should always get customer feedback. Sometimes customer feedback will help to improve your eCommerce store. If required then update your B2B portal too. This will help you to get more clients.

Use trusted symbol or pages

You should use 3rd party trusted site to get more trust on your b2b by customer. You can use google review and other tools to place in your site. You should also use trusted SSL logo in your site. These all helps to make more trust on your B2B by customer.

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