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Why Need Magento To Develop E-commerce Website

Ecommerce website is very important to sale your product and service to all your customers. Ecommerce website is an easy method to spread your business globally. There are many ways and platform to create your own ecommerce website using woo commerce, shopify, Magento and many mores. However each platform has own benefit and some limitation too. But here we are going to discuss regarding Magento Website Development only.

Owners of any businesses can create an eCommerce website with Magento by themselves. Magento is an ecommerce website platform owned by Adobe that specializes in ecommerce websites. Magento are one of the top eCommerce platforms like shopify. Magento provides both free and paid solutions as per your business requirement. Small scale business can use free Magento open source.

Benefits to use Magento:

(1) Customization is possible:

Customization as per business needs is one of best benefit to use Magento . You are free to change layout and functions as you want from the scratch. However for this you need to hire experience team of Magento developer. We have certified Magento developer and they can do their task easily and efficiently as per business goals. From design to payment method, everything is possible to modify or build own.

(2) Useful plugins available:

Like other ecommerce platform, you will able to find different different plugins to use with Magento ecommerce website. From Magento plugin store, you can find plugins for payment, menu, signup, checkout options, etc as per your needs. You may get free and paid plugin. We suggest to go with paid plugin so that you can get support team from the plugin developers. Our Magento developer are able to develop own plugin too.

(3) SEO Friendly Website:

Now in Magento2, you will able to get more user-friendly layout. With responsive website you are able to set SEO based url which is now more important to get more traffic. Magento2 is more optimized as per SEO rules too. You can set seo friendly url for product and CMS pages

(4) Page loading is faster:

Magento2 is also optimized for better performance compare to magento1. Fast loading of website is very important if you want to keep customer in your website for a long time. If website will be slow then customer immediately redirected to another website. You will feel better speed performance in magento2. Our Magento expert are able to optimize more to get more speed performance without effect of any Magento2 features.

(5) Powerful features with reporting:

Main reason to use magento is its features. You will never see any downside evenif you will add thousands of products. Magento will run smoothly without any issue. You will get more advanced features which is really need to use for small to large scale business. Most of features will be available without any customization. You will get all required info which you want to show to your customer from order to deliver. You will get better navigation and filter system in magento. As an owner, you will get lots of reports in admin section which is very important to know the progress of the orders and total profit/loss.

Disadvantage Of Magento:

(1) Need Professional Developer:

Magento is not easy like other platform of shopify or woo commerce. So you need very high professional who can work on it.

(2) Higher Development Cost:

To get better result we need to use certified Magento developer and so development cost is higher compare to others.

(3) Required Best Configured Server:

Magento itself is a heavy loaded application and so to get better performance you need to host your website in the server having better hardware and software configuration. So hosting cost may be also high compare to required in woo commerce website.

(4) More Development Time:

Magento structure is based on xml and so it need more time to customized anything from the scratch. It is not possible to update code in one file to change. There are many files which need to update for function, view and controller based structure.

So what are you waiting for ? Let us know if you are interested to develop your website in a Magento platform. Our Rajkot based Magento developers are ready to serve you.