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Which is best color for web design?

Web Design is very important to create as i said in our other article. All business owner think to create own unique website that can attract to people. Well this is true. Because in this competition our website must be unique. So first question is raised in our mind that which color i choose to create my website. Am i right ?

Well, there is not any specific rules regarding using only which we can create website. All color has own unique identity and effects. Website color selection may also depend on business type and content, images which you are using, your logo etc. Yes, this is true and so it may happen that the color which i have selected for my website design may be not proper to others.

Color Palette is the collection of colors that a designer chooses for their website design. This may includes few or many color combination. Color palettes are generally divided into two sets of colors.

Primary Color Palette: The primary colors are generally the more dominant colors in the site, accounting for background colors, logo colors, menu colors, etc

Secondary Color Palette:  It is often used as accent colors, among other use cases.

So you will think that why we need color palette and what is benefit to use it ?

(1) It represent your visual identity

(2) It makes first impression which is very important

(3) It also help to create specific emotional who see your website

Website color theme is also selected as per different business type. For example if your business are related to transportation then Yellow or orange theme is widely used. However this is not an rule but to identify some type of business such type of color theme is also selected. Like this, if your business is regarding software or hosting service related then you might be see website with blue or sky color theme. Well this is regarding business category type. but some times as per visitor’s age , website color theme is also selected so that it can easy to read and view website content. Blue color feels cool while view in the screen and so it is widely used where there may be more text color. If your website is regarding games when you might see vibrant color theme. For kids, you may see multi color website theme too. So at final it depends on consumer type, business type and business owner choice. This article is just guide you when you decide to develop new website.

Our rajkot expert web designer has widely experience of such type of rules and so we can guide you that which color theme will be best for your website.

Do you need a help to select your website color theme ?